We believe in technology and easy management, in 360° control. We believe in luxury, but not in waste: our engines are low consumption and low noise engines. We believe in Design tasting of salt water, having image and also substance. We finally believe that the Ocean shall be respected. That is why we engage in reducing emissions at their minimum level. And this not only to safeguard the protected areas, but also the whole Ocean.  The Ocean continent – before being our business – is the salt of the Earth.

“ We believe that without listening you cannot say

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Each new Absolute boat is the answer you are waiting for. Each yacht is born from what previous experience taught us. We build models designed for the Ocean, but around this we move in all directions: elegance, functionality, habitability, brightness. Each detail is the research of the best results.

The Absolute Global Project

Who loves the sea knows in his heart: only the delicate crust of sea salt that lasts on your skin can give you that immense miss of unlimited freedom, the quintessence of nature, the seaman’s spirit. And this is universal, and ensures that the Sea combines in history all the populations that, everywhere, have loved and explored it.


flottaGlobalAbsoluteBut although the Sea is a unique idea, a single solemn and powerful image in the thoughts and memories of all these men and women, always and everywhere, despite this uniqueness of the Sea the monotone blue in maps disguise an apparent and misleading uniformity: every sandy shore, every cliff lashed by waves, every calm lagoon coast, every promontory troubled by winds, are natural frame of a canvas that is changeable and shimmering in every season, at every latitude and longitude.



Although expert seaman, every sailor that takes on a segment of sea for the first time- it doesn’t matter if in the wide ocean or in a narrow passage between two lands – knows that he has to return school kid again; he’ll have to learn from his home’s Sea, but also learn to know and respect that new travel companion, that new Sea in the form and character, in that unknown area; he will have to go along with the swing of waves, that maybe will push him or obstruct him; he’ll wait a good tide, he’ll read signs of weather in a new sky…and he will be witness of a large varied covering of water and salt that surround the World for more than three quarter of its surface.

It’s this awareness of the chameleon nature of Sea that guides our designers in the development of “Absolute Global Project“. All the models Absolute were born with the precise purpose to satisfy the needs of yachtsman of every continent.

The climatic conditions, habits and cultures that characterize different seas of planet suggest the construction of boats adapted to this variety. Outdoor area and inner arrangement are designed to receive the ship owner and his guests in an optimal way. The Absolute range offers, in fact, right solutions for every Sea.

Outdoor spaces of Absolute boats implement original elements, unique for each category of boats, like for instance: couches in the bow; on the fly: aft terrace – the shower – the full featuring kitchen; the doorway for direct access from side passage to main dashboard; the privacy awning in the cockpit.


esterno_Yachts_Fly_Absolute2But also the “classical” themes that you see on board (such as sunpads, hydraulic platforms, davits on fly, external couches, and so on..) have innovative, generous and exclusive solutions in “Absolute Global Project”. For instance (but it’s only one of the numerous possible examples), the range of FLY up to 56 foots provides three positions for suntan lovers, stern and bow sunpads, and also on the fly, all with excellent ergonomics, accessories for drinks and music, right places for conviviality with others guests.


interno_Abs_YachtsThe internal outfitting is characterized by outstanding possibilities offered by the unique and inimitable system ISS, engineering and structural method whose talent is revealed just after boarding. All the internal floors, main and underdeck bridges, present a minimum number of steps in the respective category of boats, also the ceilings are the highest overall. All the inner spaces astonish for their spaciousness, barely deducible from the external view of the boat.


But what is most striking, possible thanks to the ISS system, is the size of windows, glass walls and portholes, the largest overall in every category of boat. It is possible to regulate the natural light that radiates in every cabin, to appreciate the wider sea horizons from main bridge as well as from the cabins below deck, to ensure the maximum comfort and best relaxations that only sea life can give, and this is as easy as just modulating opportunely the opening of glasses (even the crystal hard-top, totally waterproof), the position of external shades, and deploying the inner curtains.

The physical well-being of passengers is ensured by contact with natural and top-notch quality materials, since leather and wood that you see on board are real, as well as the crystals, stainless steel, marble and ceramic: it’s not a coincidence that these materials have evolved over the centuries around the world to guarantee maximum housing comfort, and in “Absolute Global Project” they are used in optimal ways. The special care dedicated to well-being on board is also evident in every toilet, the largest of any category of boats, with totally separated showers all provided with one or two portholes for natural ventilation.


safety_onBoard_Yachts_AbsoluteSafety on board is priority in the development of “Absolute Global Project“. Passengers of any ages and stature feel always protected, in every open space, and in particular in external bridges: all the non-slip surfaces are protected in the perimeter with suitable stringers; the transit areas are always provided with high railing and handrails to hang on; bridges are coplanar (zero steps) at highest level for every class of boats, and where the steps are necessary they are ergonomic, visible and positioned where they don’t hinder the passage; wide glass walls of the living rooms are not only satisfying for “touristic” view but also for the control of the boat in deep sea and while mooring.


The worldwide value of “Absolute Global Project”, of course, also goes for the greatest respect for the environment for every category of boat. Every Absolute boat expresses minimum fuel consumption and, consequently, minimum emissions for the environment: this is obvious towards the less ecological shaft-line systems, with gaps up to 30%, but it’s true also for boats equipped with POD transmissions of any brand, included IPS of Volvo Penta (the same used by Absolute). Indeed, Absolute has been and still is a pioneer in the development of optimized hulls at highest degree specifically for IPS, and therefore we can exhibit performances and efficiency beyond comparison in installations with two or three engines.


versatilita_yachtsThe polyhedral attitude of Absolute boats is evident in the versatile use of hulls, decks outfitting, and arrangements below deck. This is the best response to changing needs of boaters scattered in the far corners of seas in the planet: the inspiration for this development comes from the observation of different marine global cultures and habits. Therefore, the Absolute range proposes the right products for all tastes, and by doing so the distances between the Italian design (rich in style and innovation) and nautical features all over the world are shortened.

However, these distances are not really filled up without a tangible presence of Absolute close to ship owners.


The “Absolute Global Project” is not only a way to orient architectural and engineering choices, but also a strategy, geographically distributed, to organize and meet the clientele in traditional and emergent markets.

cantiere_absolute_podenzanoThe success and reputation of the Absolute brand are long established with a strong presence in the whole area of Mediterranean Sea, although it’s relatively young. Starting from this solid base, territorial extensions have gradually affected North and East Europe, the Middle East, Mediterranean Africa, North and South America, Oceania, Far East. In a growing number of Countries is possible to meet a network of qualified professionals which mission is not only promote the Absolute products, but above all listen to and interpret customers’ demands, sharing with them their culture and local traditions.


Consequently, Absolute boats are exhibited in international and local shows, where the novelties (forged continually by the head office in Piacenza) are admired and appreciated from a clientele increasingly wider.

The Absolute Mission