Celebrating over 40 years of boatbuilding experience, the founders of Absolute are considered amongst Italy’s pioneers of the modern powerboat manufacturing era. Initially producing boats under the Gobbi brand, privately-held Absolute S.p.A. was formed in 2002 in collaboration and partnership with some of the brightest young minds in powerboat design and construction.

A winning combination of experience and innovation at its best, which abundantly shows in every Absolute Yacht.



Cementing its position and success in Europe and elsewhere, and demonstrating its commitment to the business, Absolute has invested in a state-of‐the-art, ecological, and purpose-built manufacturing facility in Piacenza, Italy – a short distance from Milan. A testament of the company’s uncanny efficiency and capability in product development, Absolute continues to invest in the design, development and tooling of at least two new models and two upgrades, year after year.


Enjoying the confidence of owning a Yacht manufactured by a company with long-term commitment to the business, and the ability to execute with impressive consistency.


Boasting one of the most sophisticated construction processes in the industry, Absolute’s Integrated Structural System (ISS) incorporates unique features. Solid fiberglass hulls are strengthened with a multi-dimensional structural grid, which encompasses the entire length and width of the hull’s bottom. Bonded to the grid itself, the bulkheads, the floors and the ceilings – all made by plywoods and customized compound sandwiches – are fastened by means of structural fiberglass reinforcements, thus leading to a self-consistent single-body structural frame. Decks are precision-mounted to the hulls, bonded with fiberglass and through-bolted with stainless steel fasteners for ultimate structural integrity.


Yachts of superior structural solidity and integrity, leading to low interior noise levels, minimum vibrations, and sharp handling.


Knowing that deep engineering thought and consideration was at play to ensure and enhance long-term serviceability.

Worldwide Serviceability

Engineered for ease of service, systems and sub-systems found on Absolute Yachts are easily accessible for maintenance. Proper labeling to ensure easy identification of critical system components is abundant. The Absolute Yachts are manufactured for worldwide featured components, specifically selected to ensure professional aftersales support. Last but not least, to ensure easy removal without resorting to any structural invasive practices, all major or large components such as engines, transmissions, generators, refrigerators, etc. are installed inside the yachts only after decks and superstructures have been mounted and bonded to the hulls.


Absolute Yachts started a defining strategic partnership with Volvo Penta since the very inception of the IPS system. Absolute was thus able to optimize its hull designs to extract the maximum performance from the IPS technology, leading to yachts that are the most fuel efficient in their size class. Most impressively, miles-per-gallon or liters per mile figures remain near identical from 22 to 30 knots.

Class-leading fuel consumption, plus the unique benefit and ability to select cruising speed within the 22 to 30 knots without impacting on fuel economy.



Considering the optimized and efficient hulls, combined with the construction features found in each Absolute Yacht, superior performance comes as no surprise. One-the-water performance, defined in terms of raw acceleration, cruising and top speed, handling and seakeeping, as well as low noise and vibration levels, is class-leading and needs to be experienced first hand.

Astonishing comfort and superior vessel’s control under every circumstance.

Italian Design

Penned by Absolute’s talented Italian designers, Absolute Yachts are stylish, without compromising functionality. Beautifully finished, interiors featuring designer-grade materials, upgraded high quality leathers and solid surfaces, and stunning design elements are integrated with smart interior layouts and superb ergonomics. All-round visibility from well laid-out helms, wide and safe side-decks, abundant storage and spacious cabins and head/shower compartments are the result of Absolute’s expertise.


Experiencing the perfect marriage of Italian yacht design, functionality and safety.


The past 10 years have been a most incredible journey for Absolute. Dedicated to designing, engineering and building yachts of distinction for boaters seeking something special, Absolute has been going from strength to strength. Just to mention a few recognitions, Absolute has been the recipient of awards for design, interior layout and innovation, for the Absolute 70STY (2010), 53STY (2011), and most recently the Absolute 72Fly (2012).

A range of world-class yachts, proudly built by a family-owned company, broadly endorsed and duly recognized by independent industry experts.