The Absolute models can be defined as “environmental friendly”, i.e.”ecological” boat models, not only for the features which are typical of boats themselves, but also for technologies used during all the production process.
The Absolute Shipyard is one of the most advanced production units for worldwide pleasure boating, also thanks to geothermal and domotics systems, which are available to support and monitor its activities.

The units of the Absolute fleet are being built in the 15,000 sq.m. of covered surface, where teams of technicians give birth to the ideas of our skilled designers, who have the most recent 3D engineering and modelling software packages available.

The new structure of the Absolute Shipyard, unveiled in the first half of 2008, was designed for the total performance of the production cycle of boats up to 90 feet of length.
The production site has been carefully optimized considering the spaces necessary for easy handling of moulds, hulls and boats.


The production starts from fibreglass processing. This department is provided with very huge equipment, managed by a domotics system for the control and adjustment of temperature and air quality, in order to guarantee a high quality of the hand-made products and therefore to also increase the quality of the working environment.

In this department the moulds are accurately cleaned and waxed. Then the gelcoat is applied by hand through the purely mechanical airless pumping system, in order to avoid air micro-inclusions and therefore to cancel one of the causes of deterioration and ageing of gelcoat.

Lamination is performed through a traditional system of resin distribution on fibreglass sheets of various basis weights, according to the component being produced, and through rolling for the absorption of resin in the fibreglass.

Absolute_global_shipyardAt the end of the hull production phases, the structure of the inner compartments is created with the revolutionary concept of steadily evolving ISS (Integrated Structural System) structure, which is sealed to the hull and deck.
Once finished and assembled, assisted by electrical handling means, the hull follows the pre-established path and enters its place for fitting out.
For this phase, 2 departments were provided for, where up to a total amount of 16 boats can be housed for simultaneous production.

After the fitting out phases, the test pool allows to certify the high levels of safety and reliability. Our fleet is the result of a production process inspired by a global vision and in line with the state-of-the art technologies.

Year after year this allowed the Absolute models to be appreciated all over the world, in various places where habits and climate features imply different usage modes.

The Absolute boats are delivered to various nations by highly professional operators with an in-depth knowledge of the nautical field.