It is the most
expression of
love for the Ocean.

Absolute wishes to be a reference point for Ocean lovers. For those who want to live the International side of nautical world. For those who are looking for a design tasting of salt water, expressing image but also substance.

The début of the Absolute Shipyard in the nautical panorama dates back to October 2002. Although relatively recent, its employees and workers have decades-long experience in the field of pleasure boating, matured in one of the largest International nautical shipyard.


The compact and united Absolute team has at the head of each department and area active persons vigorously and resolutely supporting the company goals, by helping the associates and founders.

It is on professionalism and on passion for this job that the Shipyard in Piacenza is grounded: the creativity of the Resources & Development Lab, as well as the skills of its designers and of all the operational staff, give Absolute a place on the market as a young reality, but at the same time with a lot of already acquired experience.

The Shipyard places itself on the nautical scenery in an innovative and prestigious way, differentiating from its main competitors and meeting the tastes of the most demanding customers, offering great elegance finishings and touches of remarkable originality.

Absolute is sure that the key concepts for the design of safe and reliable pleasure boats shall develop their roots from the most classic solutions: in the Shipyard in Piacenza this is possible thanks to the forty-year experience of its creative heart. In order to perceive its goal, the Shipyard has provided itself with the most effective instruments, by investing on technologies and on the most advanced information systems and 3D engineering and modelling software packages.

Absolute_55Fly_FlybridgeThe Absolute goal is to manufacture new style and great elegance boats, having strong impact, refined design and aesthetic taste, made with care and “absolute” quality on prestigious projects, and through the application of the revolutionary structure concept, the ISS (Integrated Structural System): this can grant high quality standard and structural solidity to each boat.The Absolute engineering and production technologies allow to manufacture boats with unique and distinctive stylistic elements.

The wide windows and the unmistakable line represent the DNA of the Absolute yachts.

The brightness of the rooms of any Absolute boat – both on the main deck and on the lower deck – is a plus which is difficult to be seen in other units.

An other distinctive and high quality element is the driving system of the Absolute boat range, which is entirely made with Volvo Penta IPS engine systems. Since 2006 the Shipyard of Piacenza has been a pioneer in adopting this solution, whose technology has no rivals today. It is the only one granting – in an integrated way – the best results in high performance, low powers, reduced consumptions, reduced emissions, highest comfort, wide housing spaces and easy manoeuvrability.

Absolute has showed in all its history that the safest and more reliable tradition can and shall be supported by technological innovation in order to make excellent designs: with its Fly range, Volvo Penta IPS offers also to the most conservative world of powerboats its undisputed qualities of handiness and sportsmanship.

With Absolute also the big yachts can enjoy versatility and easiness of use, reduced operating costs and wide range, large living spaces, silence and respect for the environment, without renouncing to cruising performance, suitable for a big pleasure boat.